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Local Landmarks
Downtown Columbia SC

1202-1204 Main Street

1422 Laurel Street
(Shannon Smith Stuckey House)

1826 Henderson Street

2626 Stratford Road
(GE Demonstration Home)

Arnett Building, Allen University

Barton-Wallace Homes
(1500 Calhoun Street / 1510 Calhoun Street)

Black House
(Deary Residence)

Bonded Loan Office

Boozer/Davis Cottage

Brennen Building
(1210 Main St.)

Brown Building
(Commercial Building)

Burial Ground, 1519 Assembly St.

(The Black House)

Cantey House

Cantwell House
(Bond House)

Civil House

Clarke-Shealy House

Columbia Cottage -- 1328 Gadsden Street
(The Reeder House)

Columbia High School (Old?)

Commercial Building, 1208 Main St.

Coppin Building, Allen University

Cottage (Victorian), 1522 Richland St.
(Spring Home & Gardens)

Cottage, 1421 Calhoun St.

Cottage, 700 Calhoun St.

Cottage, 101 S. Prospect St.

Cottage, 1203 Scott St.

Cottage, 1419 Blanding St. (Baroque)
(Site of the)

Cottage, 1507 Richland St.

Cottage, 1513 Blanding St.

Cottage, 1523 Richland St.

Cottage, 1629 Pendleton St.

Cottage, 1710 Calhoun St.

Cottage, 1921 Henderson St.

Cottage, 2206 Wayne St.

Cottage, 2218 Gervais St.

Cottage, 2221 Gervais St.

Cottage, 714 Calhoun St.

Cottage, 826 Laurel St.

Coulter House

Dozier House

Ebenezer Lutheran Cemetery

Ebenzer Lutheran Church

Edwards Anderson House

Ehrlich-King House
(Ehrlich House / Carriage House)

English Basement (2-story), 1013 Washington St.

First Presbyterian Church Burial Ground

Flora Barringer House

Fox Theater
(1607 Main St. / The State Theater)

French Consulate

Good Shepard Episcopal
(Episcopal Church of the Good Shepard)

Gray House - Dora Gray Shop

Hebrew Benevolent Society Cemetery

Heinish House

Heise Tunander Cottage


Huger-Trenholm-Sylvan House

Kirkland Apartments

Lorick & Lowrance Mercantile Building

Matilda Evans House

Miller-Lewis House
(Miller Home)

Myrtle Court Foundation

Nathaniel Jerome Frederick House

Old Dispensary (SC Dispensary Office Bldg)

Old Section, Elmwood Cemetery

Old Trinity Rectory
(Herbemont-Singleton-Haskell-Cain House)

Olympia Mill Office

Orchard House

Page Ellington House
(Ellington Home / Cottage at 614 Blanding Street)

Palmetto Fire Engine Company (villa Tronco)

Peckham-Beard-Erlicke House

Phillips House

Plumer-Roof Cottage

Possible Wayside Hospital Site (Confederate Wayside Hospital Site?)

Pressley-Spigner House
(Boyd-Pressley-Spigner House)

Scott-Shell-Breedlove Cottage

Seibels-Wilson House
(21 Heathwood Circle)

Sims-Stackhouse Mansion

Site-Surrender of Columbia

Standard Oil Company
(Middleton Building)

Star Music

State Hospital Grounds S. Gate

State Hospital Grounds Wall

Sutphen House

Taylor Burial Ground

Trans - Modern House

Treadwell-Melon Fitzmaurice

Unity Life Building

Urquhart-House/Starks Hall, Benedict College

USC Campus Caroliniana Library

USC Campus Melton Observatory

USC Campus Old Gym
(Longstreet Theatre)

USC Campus President's Home

USC Campus Rutledge College

Visanska-Starks Carriage House

Willis House

Woodson Family Home
(Woodson Farm)

Zion Baptist Church

1202-1204 Main Street
1202-1204 Main Street, Columbia, SC (Map)

1202-1204 Main Street Facade

Description: Local landmark 1202-1204 Main Street remains as one of the oldest remaining structures on the 1200 b... (more)

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Columbia Landmark

Year Built: 1906-1907
Period: 1900-1924, 1925-1949
Style: 19thC Commercial
Architect: Unknown
Historic Topics: Architecture, Commerce, Trade, Business District,
Original Primary Use: Commerce, Trade
Present Use: Commercial

Source: Historic Columbia Foundation


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