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1000/1002 Laurens Street

1001 Gervais Street

1002 Gervais Street

1003 Gervais Street

1004-1006 Gervais Street

1004/1006 Laurens Street

1007-1009 Gervais Street

1008 Laurens Street

1008-1010 Gervais Street

1012 Gervais Street

1012 Gregg Street

1014 Laurens Street

1016/1018 Laurens Street

1017/1019 Gregg Street

1019 Laurens Street

1020 Gregg Street

1020 Henderson Street

1026 Gregg Street

1027 Laurens Street

1030 Gregg Street

11/13 Gibbes Court

1100 Gregg Street

1102 Barnwell Street

1104 Gregg Street

1106 Gregg Street

1108 Gregg Street

1110 Gregg Street

1110 Hagood Avenue

1113 Fairview Drive

1120/1122 Gregg Street

1121 Hagood Avenue

1126/1128 Gregg Street

1130 Maple Street

1131 Shirley Street

12 Brayton's Alley

1200 Lincoln Street
(Seaboard Air Line Railroad Station)

1201 Glenwood Road

1201 Maple Street

1202-1204 Main Street

1203 Woodrow Street

1205 Glenwood Road

1205 Wellington Drive

1206 Sherwood Road

1207 Fairview Drive

1207 Westminster Drive

1208 Wellington Drive

1208 Westminster Drive

1209 Glenwood Road

1209 Woodrow Street

1210 Devonshire Drive

1210 Sherwood Road

1210-1214 Main Street
(Capitol Cafe)

1211 Devonshire Drive

1211 Heidt Street

1211-1219 Gadsden Street

1212 Pine Street

1213 Glenwood Road

1213 Heidt Street

1214 Daly Street

1214 Sherwood Road

1214 Westminister Drive

1215 Devonshire Drive

1215 Heidt Street

1216 Devonshire Drive

1216 Fairview Drive

1216 Maiden Lane

1216 Shirley Street

1217 Glenwood Road

1217 Pine Street

1218 Sherwood Road

1218 Wellington Drive

1220 Pine Street

1221 Woodrow Street

1222 Pine Street

1223 Wellington Drive

1224 Fairview Drive

1224 Lincoln Street

1224 Maple Street

1224 Pine Street

1225 Heidt Street

1225 Sherwood Road

1225-1229 Lincoln Street

1226 Daly Street

1226 Pine Street

1227 Heidt Street

1228 Heidt Street

1237 Gadsden Street

1241 Main Street
(The National Bank of South Carolina (NBSC building))

1301 Gladden Street

1301 Hagood Avenue

1301 Heidt Street

1301 Pine Street

1304-1306 Richland Street

1305 Fairview Drive

1305 Westminster Drive

1306 Heidt Street

1306 Wellington Drive

1306 Woodrow Street

1307 Devonshire Drive

1308 Fairview Drive

1308 Oak Street

1309 Heidt Street

1309 Sherwood Road

1310 Gadsden Street

1310 Shirley Street

1310 Wellington Drive

1311 Cambridge Lane

1311 Pine Street

1311 Wellington Drive

1313 Oak Street

1314 A-B Harden Street

1314 Heidt Street

1314 Lincoln Street
(Luther Lee Building)

1314 Wellington Drive

1315 Blanding Street

1316 Cambridge Lane

1316 Oak Street

1316 Richland Street

1317 Sherwood Road

1318 Harden Street

1318 Maple Street

1318 Pine Street

1318 Westminster Drive

1319 Calhoun Street

1319 Devonshire Drive

1319 Gladden Street

1319 Sherwood Road

1320 Pine Street

1320 Shirley Street

1320-1322 Harden Street

1321 Blanding Street

1321 Calhoun Street

1321 Cambridge Lane

1321 Pine Street

1324 Cambridge Lane

1325 Westminster Drive

1326 Shirley Street

1327 Richland Street

1329 Calhoun Street

1330 Laurel Street

1330 Pine Street

1331 Calhoun Street

1331 Devonshire Drive

1331 Hagood Avenue

1331 Richland Street

1331 Wellington Drive

1331 Westminster Drive

1339 Main Street

1400 Cambridge Lane

1400 Laurel Street

1400 Westminster Drive

1401 Calhoun Street

1401 Cambridge Lane

1401 Sherwood Road

1402 Westminster Drive

1403 Sherwood Road

1403 Wellington Drive

1403 Westminster Drive

1404 Cambridge Lane

1404 Laurel Street

1404 Oak Street

1404 Pine Street

1405 Shirley Street

1405-1407 Maple Street

1406 Oak Street

1407 Cambridge Lane

1407 Wellington Drive

1408 Oak Street

1410 Cambridge Lane

1410 Laurel Street

1410 Oak Street

1410 Pine Street

1410 Shirley Street

1410 Woodrow Street

1411 Westminster Drive

1412 Oak Street

1412 Pine Street

1412 Westminster Drive

1413 Oak Street

1414 Cambridge Lane

1414 Harden Street

1414 Heidt Street

1414 Pine Street

1415 Cambridge Lane

1415 Heidt Street

1415 Richland Street

1416 Hagood Avenue

1416 Heidt Street

1416 Pine Street

1417 Calhoun Street

1419 Devonshire Drive

1419 Oak Street

1419 Richland Street

1420 Devonshire Drive

1420 Wellington Drive

1421 Heidt Street

1421 Oak Street

1422 Laurel Street
(Shannon Smith Stuckey House)

1425 Westminster Drive

1426 Blanding Street

1426 Wellington Drive

1427 Wellington Drive

1429 Heidt Street

1430 Richland Street

1430 Wellington Drive

1431 Wellington Drive

1500 Gladden Street

1500 Heidt Street

1500 Wellington Drive

1501 Maple Street

1501 Wellington Drive

1501-1503 Fairview Drive

1502 Wellington Drive

1504 Wellington Drive

1507 Wellington Drive

1508 Laurel Street

1509 Wellington Drive

1511 Richland Street

1511 Wellington Drive

1511 Westminster Drive

1512 Westminster Drive

1516 Richland Street

1517 Blanding Street

1517 Laurel Street

1520 Westminster Drive

1521 Laurel Street

1523 Devonshire Drive

1525 Westminster Drive

1526 Richland Street

1527 Blanding Street

1527 Devonshire Drive

1527 Richland Street

1528 Blanding Street

1528 Devonshire Drive

1529 Laurel Street

1529 Richland Street

1530 Richland Street

1531 Blanding Street

1531 Laurel Street

1531 Richland Street

1534 Blanding Street

1556 Main Street

1610 Greene Street

1612/1614/1616/1618/1620/1622 Greene Street

1622 Calhoun Street

1623 Richland Street

1624 Calhoun Street

1625-1627 Richland Street

1630 Greene Street

1631 Richland Street

1634 Greene Street

1638/1640 Greene Street

17 Gibbes Court

1701 Richland Street

1703 Richland Street

1704 Calhoun Street

1705 Richland Street

1707 Pendleton Street

1710 College Street

1710 Greene Street

1710 Senate Street

1711 Pickens Street

1714 Calhoun Street

1714 College Street

1714 Senate Street

1715 Pickens Street

1716 Calhoun Street

1716 Greene Street

1718 Calhoun Street

1719 Greene Street

1720 Senate Street

1722-1724 Main Street
(Bouchier Building)

1723 Senate Street

1723/1725/1727 Greene Street

1728 College Street

1731 Senate Street

1800 Greene Street

1804 Greene Street

1810-1812 Marion Street

1810/1812 Greene Street

1811 Pickens Street

1813 Marion Street

1813 Pickens Street

1814/1816 Greene Street

1815 Senate Street

1817 Pickens Street

1819 Marion Street

1819 Pickens Street

1822/1824 Pendleton Street

1824 Greene Street

1826 Greene Street

1826 Henderson Street

1829-1831 Greene Street

1830 Greene Street

1832 Greene Street

1833/1835 Greene Street

1900 Greene Street

1900-1902 College Street

1904 Henderson Street

1905 Marion Street

1906 Pendleton Street

1907 Henderson Street

1907 Pendleton Street

1908 College Street

1908 Henderson Street

1911 Senate Street

1912 Henderson Street

1913 College Street

1914 Henderson Street

1915 College Street

1917 College Street

1917 Henderson Street

1917 Marion Street

1920 Henderson Street

1921 Barnwell Street

1921-A Pickens Street
(1316 Blanding Street)

1923 Barnwell Street

1924 Pickens Street

1925 Barnwell Street

1925 Marion Street

1926 Pickens Street

1927 Henderson Street

1929 Marion Street

1930 College Street

1930 Henderson Street

2001 Park Street

2113 Lady Street

2114 Lady Street

2208 Washington Street

2212 Washington Street

2218 Washington Street

2226 Washington Street

2227 Lady Street

2230 Hampton Street

2300 Lady Street

2309 Lady Street

2309 Washington Street

2312 Lady Street

2313-2317 Gervais Street

2319 Lady Street

2319 Washington Street

2322 Washington Street

2323 Lady Street

2324 Washington Street

2325 Washington Street

2326 Lady Street

2326 Washington Street

2327 Washington Street

2330 Hampton Street

2500 Stratford Road

2500 Windsor Road

2501 Stratford Road

2501 Windsor Road

2504 Canterbury Road

2507 Canterbury Road

2507 Stratford Road

2508 Canterbury Road

2508 Windsor Road

2510 Stratford Road

2510 Windsor Road

2512 Canterbury Road

2515 Canterbury Road

2515 Windsor Road

2518 Canterbury Road

2519 Stratford Road

2522 Stratford Road

2524 Canterbury Road

2525 Stratford Road

2530 Canterbury Road

2531 Canterbury Road

2536 Canterbury Road

2555 Gervais Street

2600 Stratford Road

2605 Canterbury Road

2609 Stratford Road

2610 Canterbury Road

2613 Canterbury Road

2615 Stratford Road

2620 Canterbury Road

2626 Stratford Road
(GE Demonstration Home)

2630 Stratford Road

2631 Stratford Road

2633 Stratford Road

2640 Forest Drive

2700 Canterbury Road

2701 Stratford Road

2702 Cypress Street

2704 Canterbury Road

2704 Stratford Road

2706 Forest Drive

2707 Stratford Road

2708 Stratford Road

2709 Gervais Street

2710 Canterbury Road

2710 Preston Street

2711 Stratford Road

2712 Preston Street

2714 Forest Drive

2714 Preston Street

2714 Stratford Road

2714-2716 Cypress Street

2715 Lee Street

2715 Preston Street

2715 Stratford Road

2716 Forest Drive

2717 Canterbury Road

2718 Canterbury Road

2719 Lee Street

2719 Prestion Street

2719 Stratford Road

2720 Stratford Road

2723 Gervais Street

2723 Stratford Road

2726 Preston Street

2727 Gervais Street

2727 Preston Street

2728 Cypress Street

2730 Cypress Street

2730 Forest Drive

2731 Canterbury Road

2731 Gervais Street

2733 Preston Street

2734 Canterbury Road

2734 Cypress Street

2740 Canterbury Road

2803 Canterbury Road

2803 Gervais Street

2804 Sheffield Road

2806 Pickett Street

2807 Gervais Street

2808 Forest Drive

2810 Forest Drive

2810 Stratford Road

2815 Canterbury Road

2815 Sheffield Road

2815 Stratford Road

2816 Forest Drive

2816 Stratford Road

2818 Canterbury Road

2820 Canterbury Road

2821 Sheffield Road

2821 Stratford Road

2822 Canterbury Road

2822 Sheffield Road

2823 Canterbury Road

2826 Sheffield Road

2826 Stratford Road

2827 Canterbury Road

2829 Sheffield Road

2829 Stratford Road

2832 Sheffield Road

2832 Stratford Road

2833 Sheffield Road

2834 Sheffield Road

2836 Sheffield Road

2836 Stratford Road

2837 Stratford Road

2838 Forest Drive

2838 Sheffield Road

2839 Sheffield Road

2840 Sheffield Road

2841 Sheffield Road

2841 Stratford Road

2842 Sheffield Road

2842 Stratford Road

2843 Sheffield Road

2845 Sheffield Road

2845 Stratford Road

2847 Sheffield Road

2848 Stratford Road

2849 Sheffield Road

2849 Stratford Road

2851 Gervais Street

2855 Stratford Road

2858 Stratford Road

2859 Gervais Street

2859 Stratford Road

2867 Stratford Road

2868 Stratford Road

2871 Stratford Road

2872 Stratford Road

2900 Delano Drive

2900-2902 Stratford Road

2901 Bratton Street

2904 Stratford Road

2905-2905 1/2 Stratford Road

2906-2908 Stratford Road

2907 Stratford Road

2911 Stratford Road

2912-2912 1/2 Forest Drive

2914-2916 Stratford Road

2915 Kershaw Street

2915 Stratford Road

2916 Forest Drive

2917 Delano Drive

2917 Gervais Street

2918 Delano Drive

2920 Forest Drive

2924 Forest Drive

2928 Delano Drive

2928 Forest Drive

2930 Forest Drive

2936 Stratford Road

303 Saluda Avenue
(John C. Heslep House)

32 Gibbes Court / 821 Gregg Street

4 Gibbes Court

6 Gibbes Court

700 Sweetbriar Road

800 Gervais Street

800 Woodrow Street

801 Gervais Street

802 Maple Street

803 Gervais Street

805 Maple Street

805/807 Gregg Street

807 Gervais Street

810 Maple Street

812 Barnwell Street

814 Henderson Street

814 Woodrow Street

815 Maple Street

819 MapleStreet

820 Maple Street

822-824 Woodrow Street

822/824 Laurens Street

826 Laurens Street

826 Maple Street

827-831 Gervais Street

828 Gervais Street

828 Laurens Street

830 Maple Street

900 Laurens Street

900-904 Woodrow Street

901 Laurens Street

902 Gervais Street

902 Maple Street

906 Laurens Street

907 Laurens Street

908 Woodrow Street

910 Laurens Street

911 Gervais Street

911 Lady Street

912 Lady Street

912 Woodrow Street

914 Gregg Street

914 Lady Street

915 Lady Street

916 Gervais Street

917 Maple Street

918 Lady Street

919 Maple Street

919-921 Gervais Street

920 Maple Street

920-924 Lady Street

921 Maple Street

921/923 Gregg Street

922 Maple Street

922-924 Gervais Street

923-925 Gervais Street

923/925 Laurens Street

924 Laurens Street

925 Gregg Street / 1830 Pendleton Street

925-927 Maple Street

926 Laurens Street

926 Maple Street

927 Gervais Street

928 Maple Street

929-931 Maple Street

930 Gervais Street

930 Laurens Street

936 Gervais Street

A.P. Williams Funeral Home

Adluh Flour

Allen University Historic District
(Chappell, Coppin, Arnett)

Alston House
(McDuffie's Antiques)

Antisdel Chapel, Benedict College Historic District

Arcade Building

Arnett Building, Allen University

Arsenal Hill
(Palmetto Iron Works, Palmetto Armory)

B.B. Kirkland Seed and Distributing Company
(Hinson Feed and Seed Company)

Babcock Building, South Carolina State Mental Hospital
(New Asylum, South Carolina Lunatic Asylum)

Barber House
(Harriet Barber House)

Barton-Wallace Homes
(1500 Calhoun Street / 1510 Calhoun Street)

Bateman House

Beam Dormitory on the Lutheran Theological Seminary Campus

Bellevue Historic District

Belser House

Benedict College Historic District

Berry's on Main / Mason Building
(1600 Main Street)

Bethel A.M.E. Church
(Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church)

Big Apple Club
(House of Peace Synagogue)

Bishop Finlay House

Black House
(Deary Residence)

Bonded Loan Office

Boozer/Davis Cottage

Boyd House

Boyne Building

Boyne-Pressley-Spigner House

Brennen Building
(1210 Main St.)

Brown Building
(Commercial Building)

Brown House -- 1904 Pendleton Street

Burial Ground, 1519 Assembly St.

(The Black House)

Caldwell-Hampton-Boylston House

Callcott House

Canal Dime Savings Bank
(Eckerd's Drug Store)

Canteen, Allen University

Cantey House

Cantwell House
(Bond House)

Cape Cod Style House

Caretaker Coattage

Carr House

Carter House

Carver Theatre

Cathcart-Bumgardner House

Chambers-Coleman House

Chapelle Administration Building

Chappelle Memorial A.M.E Church

Charles Edward Apartment Building

Chesnut Cottage
(Chestnut Cottage)

Cheves-McCord House
(McCord-Oxner House)

Civil House

Clarke-Shealy House

Clarkson House -- 1914 Senate Street

Claudius Scott Cottage

Claussen's Bakery
(Claussen's Inn)

Coca-Cola Bottling Company

Coker House

Collins House

Columbia Canal

Columbia City Hall
(Old United States Court House and Post Office)

Columbia Cottage -- 1328 Gadsden Street
(The Reeder House)

Columbia Electric Street Railway, Light, & Power Company Substation

Columbia Grammar School

Columbia High School (Old?)

Columbia Historic District I
(Arsenal Hill)

Columbia Historic District II

Columbia Historic District II Boundary Increase

Columbia Mills Building
(Mount Vernon Mill / The State Museum)

Columbia Museum of Art

Columbia Township Auditorium
(Township Auditorium)

Columbia Township Auditorium

Commercial Building, 1208 Main St.

Confederate Printing Press
(Evans & Cogswell Company)

Congaree Baptist Church

Consolidated Building

Coppin Building, Allen University

Cottage (Victorian), 1522 Richland St.
(Spring Home & Gardens)

Cottage House Form

Cottage, 1421 Calhoun St.

Cottage, 700 Calhoun St.

Cottage, 101 S. Prospect St.

Cottage, 1203 Scott St.

Cottage, 1419 Blanding St. (Baroque)
(Site of the)

Cottage, 1507 Richland St.

Cottage, 1513 Blanding St.

Cottage, 1523 Richland St.

Cottage, 1629 Pendleton St.

Cottage, 1710 Calhoun St.

Cottage, 1921 Henderson St.

Cottage, 1931 Henderson Street

Cottage, 2206 Wayne St.

Cottage, 2218 Gervais St.

Cottage, 2221 Gervais St.

Cottage, 714 Calhoun St.

Cottage, 826 Laurel St.

Coulter House

Court Apartments

Crosswell House

Curtiss-Wright Hangar

Davis House

DeBruhl-Marshall House

DePass House

Dial-Willis-Heyward House

Dixie Apartments

Douglas House

Dovilliers-Manning-Magoffin House
(McKay House)

Dozier House

Duckett Hall, Benedict College Historic District

Eason Memorial Baptist Church

Eau Claire Town Hall and Survey Publishing Company Building
(American Lutheran Survey Building)

Ebenezer Lutheran Cemetery

Ebenezer Lutheran Chapel
(Old Ebenezer Lutheran Church)

Ebenzer Lutheran Church

Edwards Anderson House

Ehrlich-King House
(Ehrlich House / Carriage House)

Eliot House

Eliot House -- 1819 Pendleton Street

Elliott House

Elliott House - 1010 Henderson Street

Elmwood Avenue Church of God

Elmwood Cemetery
(Elmwood Cemetery & Gardens)

Elmwood Park Historic District

Elmwood Park Historic District Boundary Increase
(Fuller House)

English Basement (2-story), 1013 Washington St.

Ensor-Keenan House

Everett House

Fair-Rutherford and Rutherford Houses
(Rutherford House and Palmetto Dental Services)

Farmers and Merchants Bank Building
(Old Eastover Post Office)

Finlay Park
(Sidney Park / Seaboard Park)

First Baptist Church

First Calvary Baptist Church

First National Bank / Republic National Bank
(National Loan and Exchange Bank Addition)

First Presbyterian Church

First Presbyterian Church Burial Ground

Fishburne House

Flora Barringer House

Forest Hills Historic District

Former Home of Isidore Gergel
(1324 Confederate Avenue)

Fox Theater
(1607 Main St. / The State Theater)

French Consulate

Friday Cottage (Classic)
(Fields House)

Frierson House

Fuller House

Fulmer Apartments

Fulmer House

Geiger Avenue Cemetery

George E. Lafaye House

George McDuffie Hampton House -- 1816 Senate Street

George P. Hoffman House

George R. Price House

Gervais Street Bridge

Gibbes House

Good Hope Baptist Church

Good Samaritan-Waverly Hospital

Good Shepard Episcopal
(Episcopal Church of the Good Shepard)

Goodwill Plantation

Goodwyn Cemetery

Governor James "Jimmy" Byrnes House

Graham-McGeary House

Granby Mill Building

Granby Mill Building

Granby Mill Office Building

Granby Mill Village Historic District

Gray House - Dora Gray Shop

Greater Columbia Baptist Church

Greyhound Bus Depot
(Colubmia Bus Depot)

(Weston House)

Gudmundson House
(Lyles-Gudmundson House)

Hale-Elmore-Seibels House
(Seibels House, Picriccorn House)

Haltiwanger House

Hampton-Preston Mansion

Harden Street Substation

Harlan P. Kelsey Triangular Parks

Harriet M. Cornwell Tourist Home
(Cornwell Home)

Havis House

Heathwood Park

Hebrew Benevolent Society Cemetery

Heidt-Russell House

Heinish House

Heise Tunander Cottage


Herbemont-Singleton-Haskell-Cain House

Heslep House
(Heslep-Bernadin House)

Hillcrest Apartments

Historic Administration Building at Sandhill Research and Education Center

Hopkins Graded School
(Old Hopkins School)

Hopkins Presbyterian Church
(Old Hopkins Methodist Church)

Horry-Guignard House

Hot Now: Krispy Kreme

Huger-Trenholm-Sylvan House

Irby-Smith House

Iredell Jones House -- 1917 Senate Street

J. A. Byrd Mercantile Store
(Nelson-Frazier Furniture)

Jack Davis House

Joesph Simon Flipper Library, Allen University
(Flipper Library)

John J. Kaminer House

John Jacob Calhoun Koon Farmstead

Johnson House

Joseph Walker House

Kensington Plantation House
(Singleton House, Kensington Mansion)

(1611 Main Street)

Kirkland Apartments

Kress Building

Lace House
(Robertson House)

Lachicotte House

Ladson Presbyterian Church

Lafaye House

Langford-Nord House


Leaphart House

Leevy's Funeral Home

Lever Building

Logan Elementary School

Lorick & Lowrance Mercantile Building

Lorick-Baker House
(Preston C. Lorick House, Johnson-Lorick House)

Lourie's Department Store Building
(Efird's Department Store Building)

Lowry House -- 1824 Senate Street

(Wavering Place, Mrs. Francis Tucker Hopkins House)

Mangels Building
(1545 Main Street)

Mann-Simons Cottage
(The Simons Cottage)

Maple Street Southern Methodist Church
(831 Maple Street)

Maple Street Southern Methodist Church Annex

Matilda Evans House

Matthew J. Perry Federal Courthouse

Mayor Lester Bates' House

Mayrant Cottage

Mayrant House

McMaster Foard House

McMaster School
(McMaster College of the University of South CArolina)

McQuilken House

Meridian Building
(1320 Main Street)

Miller-Lewis House
(Miller Home)

Mills Building, South Carolina State Mental Hospital
(Robert Mills Building)


Modjeska Monteith Simkins House

Monteith House

Monteith School
(New Hope School, Nelson School)

Moore-Mann House

Moorman House

Morgan Hall, Benedict College Historic District

Myrtle Court Foundation

Nada Apartments

Nathaniel Jerome Frederick House

National Loan and Exchange Bank Building
(Barringer Building)

North Carolina Mutual Building
(Blue Palace Tea Shop and Barber Shop)

North Columbia Fire Station

Norwood House

(Trumble Cottage)

Old Campus District, University of South Carolina
(University of South Carolina Historic District)

Old Dispensary (SC Dispensary Office Bldg)

Old Killian School
(The Little Red Schoolhouse)

Old Section, Elmwood Cemetery

Old Shandon Historic District

Old Trinity Rectory
(Herbemont-Singleton-Haskell-Cain House)

Olympia Armory

Olympia Mill
(Pacific Mill)

Olympia Mill Office

Orchard House

Otis House -- 1901 Pendleton Street

Pacific Community Association Building
(701 Whaley)

Page Ellington House
(Ellington Home / Cottage at 614 Blanding Street)

Palmetto Building
(Columbia National Bank)

Palmetto Compress and Warehouse Company Building

Palmetto Fire Engine Company (villa Tronco)

Parks House

Peckham-Beard-Erlicke House

Phillips House

Pine Grove Rosenwald School
(Pine Grove Colored School)

Plumer-Roof Cottage

Possible Wayside Hospital Site (Confederate Wayside Hospital Site?)

Pratt Hall, Benedict College Historic District

Pressley-Spigner House
(Boyd-Pressley-Spigner House)

Ranch Style House
(1427 Summerville Avenue)

Randolph Cemetery

Ravenel-Boyle House

Raymond Price House

Richard Samuel Roberts House

Richardson Grocery

Richardson-Manning House

Richland Cotton Mill
(Whaley's Mill, Pacific Mills, Lowenstein Mill)

Richland Presbyterian Church
(Old Richland Presbyterian Church)

Robert Mills House and Gardens
(Ainsley Hall House)

Robert Moorman House -- 1830 Senate Street

Saint Timothy's Episcopal Church

Scott House

Scott-Shell-Breedlove Cottage

Second Site of Victory Savings Bank

Seibels-Wilson House
(21 Heathwood Circle)

Sesquicentennial State Park Log Cabin

Shand-Guerry House

Shandon United Methodist Church

Sidney Park (C.M.E) Colored Methodist Episcopal Church
(Sidney Park Christian Methodist Episcopal Church)

Siloam School
(1331 Congaree Rd.)

Sims-Stackhouse Mansion

Singley Apartments

Site-Surrender of Columbia

Smith House

Smith House -- 1801 Pendleton Street

South Carolina Governor's Mansion
(Site of Arsenal Academy)

South Carolina Memorial Garden

South Carolina State Armory

South Carolina State Hospital Mental Health Campus

South Carolina State Hospital, Mills Building
(South Carolina Lunatic Asylum)

South Carolina State House

Southern Cotton Oil Company
(Columbia Mill)

St. Paul's Lutheran Church

St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church

St. Phillip School

St. Thomas' Protestant Episcopal Church

Standard Oil Company
(Middleton Building)

Star Music

Starks Center, Benedict College Historic District

State Hospital Grounds S. Gate

State Hospital Grounds Wall

Supreme Court of South Carolina Building
(Old U.S. Post Office)

Sutphen House

Swearingen House

Sylvan Building
(Central National Bank Building)

Taber House

Tapp's Department Store at 1644 Main St.
(1644 Main St..)

Taylor Burial Ground

Taylor House
(Columbia Museum of Art)

Taylor House -- 15 Gibbes Court

Thomas Woodrow Wilson Boyhood Home
(The Woodrow Wilson House)

Thompson-Shelton-Moore House

Tompkins House

Town Theatre

Trans - Modern House

Treadwell-Melon Fitzmaurice

Trinity Episcopal Church
(Trinity Episcopal Cathedral)

Tudor Revival Style House

Union Bank/ Columbia Building/ Carolina Life Building
(1200 Main Street)

Union Station
(Atlantic Coast and Southern Railway Station)

United States Courthouse

Unity Life Building

University Neighborhood Historic District

Urquhart-House/Starks Hall, Benedict College

USC Campus Caroliniana Library

USC Campus DeSaussure College

USC Campus Flinn Hall

USC Campus Lieber College

USC Campus Maxcy Monument

USC Campus McCutchen House
(Faculty House)

USC Campus Melton Observatory

USC Campus Old Gym
(Longstreet Theatre)

USC Campus President's Home

USC Campus Rutledge College

Veterans Administration Building

Visanska-Starks Carriage House

W. B. Smith Whaley House
(Dunbar Funeral Home)

W.C. Rion House

Wade Hampton State Office Building

Wade-Campbell-Wright House

Wallace-McGee House

Wardlaw Junior High School
(Wardlaw Middle School)

Warren House

Washington Street United Methodist Church

Waverly Historic District

Wesley United Methodist Church

West Gervais Street Historic District

Weston and Brooker Stone Quarry House

Weston-Edmunds-Verner House -- 1808 Senate Street

Whaley-Caughman House

White-Eleazer House

William Cooper House

Willis House

Withers House


Woodrow Memorial Presbyterian Church
(Bishop's Memorial A.M.E. Church)

Woodson Family Home
(Woodson Farm)

World War Memorial Building
(S.C. Confederate Relic Room and Museum)

Wyman House -- 1012 Laurens Street

Wyman House -- 20 Gibbes Court

Young House

Zimmerman House
(Von Zimmerman House)

Zimmerman School
(Von Zimmerman School)

Zion Baptist Church

Zion Episcopal Church Parsonage

Zion Episcopal Church, ruins

1000/1002 Laurens Street
1000/1002 Laurens Street, Columbia, SC
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Description: Constructed circa 1929, the residence located at 1000/1002 Laurens Street is significant because of ... (more)

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University Neighborhood Historic District

Year Built: c.1929
Period: 20th Century
Historic Topics: Architecture, University Neighborhood Historic District
Original Primary Use: Residential
Present Use: Private Residence

Source: National Register of Historic Places Inventory Nomination Form; South Carolina Department of Archives and History (digital images)

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