Map Image Not Showing Up in My Browser
Help Navigating GoogleMap

There are three main categories in the list to the right of the map:

  1. Historic Attractions
  2. Tours

Click on any one of the subcategories listed under the main categories.

Any sites within the selected category will list below it (Example 1.,2., 3.)

Click on any listed site to get detailed information and find its location on the map.


Navigation controls  

The navigation controls you see on the Google Map are shown on the left. Navigation controls include:

  1. Arrows - Click the appropriate arrow buttons to move the view north, south, east or west. Click Center button to return to your original view.
  2. Zoom - Click + to zoom in on the center of the map. Click - to zoom out.
  3. Zoom slider - Drag the zoom slider up or down to zoom in or out incrementally.

Other web pages with embedded Google Maps may not have all or any of these navigation controls. For example, embedded maps may show navigation controls that look like those below:

Clicking the arrows move the map up, down, left or right.

Clicking the + button zooms in

Clicking the - button zooms out


Reconfiguring the way your browser handles JavaScript may resolve this problem. If you're using Mac OS X or Windows with Mozilla Firefox 0.8+, Mozilla 1.4+, or Netscape 7.1+, just follow these steps:

1. Type "about:config" (without quotes) in the browser's location bar.
2. Type "image" (without quotes) in the Filter field.
3. Verify that "dom.disable_image_src_set" is set to FALSE.
4. Verify that "network.image.imageBehavior" is set to 0 (the default setting).

Please note that "network.image.imageBehavior" may appear as "permissions.default.image" for some browsers.

If you continue to experience difficulties, you may want to uninstall any programs or extensions that change the way your browser handles JavaScript. Other users have reported that these programs may affect one's ability to view the map display.